Friday, 30 August 2013

TLB: Chain

Atmosphere t-shirt dress withfaux leather sleeves- Primark
White circle cat eye sunnies- eBay
Silver head chain- DIY

Bought quite a lot of stuff this summer break and this tshirt dress is one of them. I actually bought it at the Oxford street *wait for it* Selfridges & Co- was quite shocked that they sold some Primark stuff. Plus, it was only for £4, so why not buy it! Love the material of it, its smooth and thin- love the sleeves as well.

As for the head chain, I was about to buy some eBay ones but I didn't know where to get £5 for it! So I decided to improvise with the use of a very old headband chain, took the chain out and with some pliers- I worked my magic!

Hope you're having a lovely week- OMG the school year is about to begin. I'm quite excited tbh! Hope you are too! 

tlb- Jaszel xx

Friday, 23 August 2013

TLB: Stars

"Givenchy" stars and number 47 top - Camden Town market
Faux leather shorts - H&M
Spiked stretchy headband - eBay

Love love love this top I bought at a random shop somewhere around stables market in Camden Town. I am actually quite pleased with it that I bought another top, so that's 2 "givenchy" tops for £20. Not bad! I shall be showing how I would style the other top, it's the rottweiler one by the way!

Hope all of yous are having a lovely week and to those who got their results last Thursday, I hope all is well! I myself did not get any results as I've done all my gcse's and currently not doing any a levels but I might be doing some a levels this year so fingers crossed on that!

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Love lots,
tlb- Jaszelxx

Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Say hello to my first pair of Jeffrey Campbells! My ZOMG! Wooo! Been looking for the perfect pair of platform shoes/trainers in white for quite a while now. So when I saw these babies on eBay, I fainted, then regained consciousness, then fainted again, then regained consciousness and finally bought them! Here's my first outfit post wearing them, enjoy!
Atmosphere numbers and letter crop top- Primark
Black pleated skirt- Forever 21
Jeffrey Campbell ZOMG- Soletrader via eBay
Glow in the dark penny board (brother's) - Penny Australia

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tlb- Jaszel xx

TLB: Jersey

I managed to take outfit photos whilst on holiday, with the help of Bea of course. These were taken at our hotel, sorry about the very dodgy lighting. Grey skies. Hmm.

                                                       Black patent boots- Dr. Martens
Atmosphere Colorado 26 mesh top - Primark
                                                            Faux leather shorts - H&M
Still on the whole baseball/jersey top trend. Saw this top at Primark and I just had to get it! Plus it’s only about £6! Bargain! I must say that this top is not the most comfortable mesh top that I own, I was sweating way too much! Eek.
As you can see, I am still leaning on the monochrome trend. I do not know why but I just keep on buying clothes with the colours black and white. My apologies for this! I can promise you that the next two outfit posts will be more colourful. I guess..
Sorry about the shiz load of photos. Hope you enjoyed!
Love lots,
tlb- Jaszelxx